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Brain & Consciousness Research Center, Shuang-Ho Hospital

Graduate Institute of Mind, Brain, and Consciousness, Taipei Medical University






Welcome to the Brain & Cognition Laboratory.

We are a team of researchers situated at the Graduate Institute of Mind, Brain, & Consciousness of Taipei Medical University.



本實驗室由曾祥非副教授主持,屬於台北醫學大學心智意識與腦科學研究所雙和醫院大腦與意識研究中心之下。我們的研究主攻大腦與認知功能的提升,利用多感官知覺與動作整合(internal approach)以及非侵入性腦電與磁刺激(external approach)等方法/技術,期望能發掘多種有效提升健康人和腦傷病人認知功能(如注意力、記憶力與學習)的方法。



Our research is mostly about the neural mechanisms of visual attention, working memory, perception and action, and near-body (peripersonal) space. Recently, our interest and aims in research have expanded to include the cognitive neuroscience of deceptive behavior and social interaction.

Here at Brain and Cognition Lab we use a variety of tools (or at least we try...) to investigate these issues, including TMS, tDCS/tACS, EEG and fMRI.

Here is a list of topics or questions that we are interested in:

1. Memory: Can visual memory be improved, whether intrinsically (via action-induced neural activies) or externally (via brain stimulation)?
2. Action: How does action, affordance, or near & far space mapping influence other cognitive processes?
3. Usability: Cognitive and neural electrophysiological aspects of driving performance; interface design.
4. Perception: implicit processing and awareneess.

5. Deception: The neuroscience of deception and lie detection.



12/01/2018: An interview with Phil was featured on TMU's Office of Global Engagement website.

10/27/2018: The B&C Lab was featured on "小O事件簿" on the Hakka TV Station, where we demonstrated the classic P300 paradigm and its application in lie detection. The segment can be watched here.

10/19/2018: Congratulations to Yi-Tsen for making it into the Top 10 Finalist of the 2018 Illusion of the Year Contest! This is the first time for a Taiwanese team to get into Top 10, what a huge achievement! You can find her "Sequin Illusion" at the bottom of the page here.

10/15/2018: Congratualtions to Yuhui and Shih-Chiang for getting their posters accepted by the International Conference of Psychological Science! They will present their posters, titled "Iowa Gambling Task Predicts Frequent Drivers' Speeding Violations on the Road" (Yuhui) and "The Effect of “Camouflaged” Implicit Cues on Visual Attentional Orienting" (Shih-Chiang) in Paris next March! This would be Shih-Chiang's debut poster, way to go!

10/08/2018: Phil was interviewed by the National Education Radio station (FM 101.7 in Taipei) to talk science education and neuroscience. The interview is available online here.

09/20/2018: Phil's tribute piece for Bruce Bridgeman, titled "The 72-year-old grad student", is now published in a Special Issue in Consciousness & Cognition devoted to research inspired by Bruce's work. The entire Special Issue can be found here. Bruce is dearly missed.

07/18/2018: Yuhui's paper on EEG signatures of memory usage and truth-based lies is now published in Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral Neuroscience! Big contrats to Yuhui!

07/13/2018: Phil was interviewed by the CEO of 1111 Job Bank (and award-winning news anchorman) Daniel Lee on FM 90.9 to chat cognitive neuroscience and brain stimulation. Listen to it online here.

06/27/2018: Our newest paper on the effect of anodal/cathodal tDCS (over frontal eye fields) on pro- and anti-saccade is now out in Frontiers in Neuroscience!

05/03/2018: Phil's story was featured in this month's issue of Scientific American (Taiwan)!

05/01/2018: Jiaxin and Phil's 2015 paper on self-consciousness was recently covered by INVERSE, who called us Surveilence Psychologists! (although the article totally misportrayed our dependent measure in the study...)

01/10/2018: Our newest paper on theta tACS (over bilateral parietal cortices) and visuospatial working memory is now out in Scientific Reports!

11/01/2017: Our newest paper on tDCS in cognitively impaired rats is now out in Brain Stimulation. This is a collaborative effort with Dr. Yi-Jen Wu from National Cheng-Kung University Hospital, sheding new light on the effect of tDCS at the neuronal level. Big congrats to Dr. Wu for this work.

10/02/2017: Phil is very grateful to be named the 2017 Ten Outstanding Young Persons in Taiwan! It is a great honor to represent the area of Science and Technology, you can read more about Phil's story here (in Chinese).

04/06/2017: Dr. Chaz Firestone from Johns Hopkins University will be coming to town! Chaz will be giving 2 talks at TMU on 4/26 and 4/27 along with other mini-workshops, we're very excited about this visit. Details of the talks can be found here: talk 1, talk 2.

Also, Phil's new review article (with Dr. Tzu-Yu Hsu and Dr. Chi-Hung Juan) on the usage of noninvasive brain stimulation in investigating visual working memory is now published in Current Directions in Psychological Science! We spent a lot of time on making this one public-friendly and easy to read, please do check it out!

01/15/2017: Phil's new commentary with Dr. Timothy Lane and Dr. Bruce Bridgeman is now on Behavioral Brain Sciences (commentary on Firestone & Scholl's target article). This commentary is especially meaningful and should be dedicated to the fond memory (and wonderful mentorship) of Bruce Bridgeman.

01/07/2017: Phil's new study with Dr. Timothy Lane and Dr. Su-Ling Yeh on onset/offset timing of the rubber hand illusion is now published in Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications! Special thanks to Dr. Jeremy Wolfe for a constructive and very insightful editorial/review experience.

12/10/2016: Phil's new study with Dr. Tzu-Yu Hsu (and Dr. Chi-Hung Juan) has been accepted by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience! The title is "Individual differences and state-dependent responses in transcranial direct current stimulation".

11/15/2016: Phil is grateful to have received the 2016 Wu Ta-You Memorial Award (科技部吳大猷先生紀念獎) in the field of Psychology. This was awarded by Taiwan's Ministry of Science and Technology, which selects one young investigator every year to acknowledge research excellence as a tribute to Wu Ta-You's academic contributions. Our sincerest gratitude to the MOST committee members for this recognition!

10/10/2016: Phil's new review paper (with Dr. Chi-Hung Juan and Dr. Tzu-Yu Hsu), titled "Elucidating and modulating the neural correlates of visuospatial working memory via noninvasive brain stimulation", was just accepted for publication by Current Directions in Psychological Science.

09/23/2016: We welcome two undergraduate research assistants, Yuan-Chun (柯沅均) and Eva (王韻淇), to join the team! Yuan-Chun and Eva will be conducting an experiment that investigates the relationship between working memory capacity and navigational ability.

09/09/2016: Phil's new tDCS paper (collaboration with Dr. Yi-Jen Wu), titled "The Facilitative Effect of Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation on Visuospatial Working Memory in Patients with Diabetic Polyneuropathy: A Pre–post Sham-Controlled Study", is now published in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

09/01/2016: Chih-Chung is now a PhD student at the University of Amsterdam working on value-based decision-making and neuroeconomics. Congrats Chih-Chung (and we already miss you)!

08/05/2016: Phil and Yu-ting's new tACS paper, titled "The critical role of phase difference in gamma oscillation within the temporoparietal network for binding visual working memory", is now published in Scientific Reports!